Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Round handbag made of cow lether, covered in fur. The sides are made of leather. Many colors available

Fur Drum Bag

Our latest additions to the Da Bao handbags come in new shapes and colors! Round handbags, so called drum bags, boxy handbags, and drum bags with a flat bottom for the bag to stand right next to your chair, without spilling your belongings on the floor. After the success of the drum bag with...

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Cow Leather Daypack - for all purposes.

Cow Leather Daypack

Bao and Tram have been busy over the last weeks, coming up with new designs for bags and backpacks. While most of the leather items at Da Bao are made of our signature enduring buffalo leather, which is very popular in Vietnam, this new backpack we're presenting you today is made of soft, squishy...

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