Da Bao - Leather Shop - Buffalo leather duffle bag with colorful stripes

Colorful Duffle Bag

After having designed a lot of duffle bags in shades of brown and classic black, Tram came up with some new, colorful and fun looks for the next generation of travel bags at Da Bao. It might be the crazy Tet atmosphere that makes her and Bao produce new bags in all colors under...

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leather handbags - Turquoise Leopard Handbag

Turquoise Leopard Print Handbag

One of our recent handbag designs brings together the most outgoing elements we can think of: A popping turquoise color and the infamous leopard print. The bag will definitely attract some looks on the street, so be prepared. Imagine this bag combined with a bright or dark outfit or simple bluejeans and you're all...

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