From Mushrooms to Pineapples:
Leather alternatives you won’t believe

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Vegan leather

Faux leather has always had a negative connotation. Most of us wanted to have the real thing. Real leather, not the shiny, cheap looking version. But with our society becoming more aware of animal welfare and the sustainability of our planet, leather alternatives are experiencing a revival. Only better. And it's nothing fake about it.

Vegan leather.  Contrary to faux leather, that's often full of synthetics and low quality material, as well as often wrongly offered as real cow or buffalo leather, vegan leather is showing its face proudly. It's not a copy of the real leather, but a sustainable, creative alternative to real leather products, mainly shoes.

It's thanks to the ever growing trend of a vegan lifestyle for environmental reasons,  that more and more vegan brands are popping up, offering products made of a variety of plant based sources. Often also produced in an sustainable way and bar any chemicals.

Vegan shoes are often produced 'chemically free'

It's astonishing from which plants vegan leather can be produced: From mushrooms, with the end product called Mylo, to pineapples, cork and coconuts. Many brands are experimenting to create the next shoe, bag or jacket made of their own vegan leather. Vegan silk seems to be the next big thing. As the vegan leather trend is growing even H&M joins in and has released their first leather jacket made of pineapple leaves.

Vegan brands are easy to find through a google search and you will be amazed by the variety of plant based shoes you can find these days. Even if you are not looking to buy, it makes for an interesting read, what natural produce can be used for.

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