Keep your Arms free with this Sling Bag

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leather sling bag

Over the last couple of years, more men have started to carry bags in their free time. I don't mean sporty nylon backpacks, that they carry to school or university, but stylish leather bags in various sizes, to only hold the necessary items, such as keys, wallet and phone. It's nice to see that they can finally also enjoy the advantages of carrying a bag.

The crossbody sling bag is super handy as well, as your arms and hands are free. Sling bags come in various sizes but are usually a bit bigger than fanny pack or hip bags.

Our Da Bao design here is perfectly sized to hold the most important items you need for a day around town. As most our leather bags and backpacks this one is made of buffalo leather. The 2 tier pockets make organization and access easy.

If you like to carry the sling bag in a different way than crossbody, you can just hang it over your shoulder. Or check reddit, where carrying tips for slings bags and fanny packs take up a big part of the Street wear forum.

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