Leopard Print: Created to blend in – Now worn to stand out

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Lady Alopecia loving her fun leopard print bag bag!

Leopard prints have always polarized people. There is one group who loved wearing them on dresses, bags and tops, and then there is the group who stays clear of them, no matter what.

We all know where the print comes from. Designed by nature to disguise oneself in nature, a natural camouflage, many animals are proudly wearing a leopard fur. Obviously first of all, the leopard itself. And after it was proven to work in the wild to sneak up on prey, it evolved to decorate some types of fish, insects and frogs. As always - nature knows best.

Dior: "If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it”

In the fashion world the leopard print has made quite a journey. From high fashion, to cheap trashy clothing, it found its place across all styles. But while the animals own a leopard printed fur or skin to blend into nature, on people's clothing - it's made to stand out. To be seen.

High class designers use it, fast fashion brands like H&M offer their share of leopard prints in all seasons' collections, and you can also find it on cheap clothes in your favourite departments store, mostly on cropped girly tops.

Leopard print bags, at their best when small in size, can indeed dress up a women, or a man, when otherwise dressed in a more uniform way. But how you combine it is completely up to you and your personal style of course.

"From high-fashion to low-class and back again over the years"

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leopard print - designers' favourite in the 20th century

Leopard print clothing always had a predator meaning to it. It's use by designers started in the 20s. Christian Dior warned the women by saying "If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it”. As for women it reflected a wild, undomesticated nature, opposite to women's traditional role as house wife. Men decorating themselves with leopard print carried a notion of strength, not unlike a hunter, carrying it's trophy on his body.

Da Bao plays regularly with leopard print bags, as they never go out of style. Like the fanny pack for women and man. This latest leather print bag decorating a round shaped leather bag with a shiny red strap is definitely the most fun bag they ever produced. Perfect for outgoing people like Hoi An based Lady Alopecia who couldn't get enough of it. And neither did her boyfriend 🙂

Perfectly paired with her loose yellow jumpsuit (the Hoi An color) and of course her signature turban, wrapped out of a bamboo scarf. You see, nature is providing the style, and bamboo also keeps the head cool.

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leopard print bag for women with red leather strap
Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leopard print bag also for men, with red leather strap
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