Unisex Leather Satchel: The Perfect Travel Companion

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Mens Leather Satchel Bag. Made of buffalo leather. Outer and inner pockets for easy access.

If you like to find your belongings right away in your bag - this leather satchel is for you. With 2 flat outer pockets safely placed underneath the flap, plus two inner pockets, give you plenty of options to keep your bag organized.

Our traveling customers love this satchel as a companion for their trips, as it's big enough to hold passport, wallet, phone, a drink and snacks. Keeping your items close by, easy to access for pass controls and spontaneous phone use, as well as safe.

With a decorative gold buckle this satchel is stylish and practical. The buffalo leather is strong and durable, and gives the satchel a compact look.

You can wear it crossbody or just let it hang loosely over one shoulder. The leather bag is available in many shades of brown, dark olive green and dark blue. More option - as always - on request.

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