10 fun facts about leather you didn’t know


Everyone knows what leather is. But we've found 10 facts about leather that we're sure you were not aware of. Have a quick read here!

  1. Italy is known all over the world for its high quality leather. The leather industry represents the 2nd biggest source of income for the country.
  2. White leather is the hardest to produce.
  3. Most leather is made from cow hides.
  4. Full grain, not top grain leather is the most valuable leather.
  5. Leather is big business: Its annual revenue amounts to 53 billion USD. That's higher than the combined revenue for coffee, tea, sugar, cotton, rice and rubber.
  6. Leather has already been around and popular in the year 300BC.
  7. Leather can be made of fish, like salmon.
  8. In the 17th century people used leather as wallpaper.
  9. Check how many leather items you're wearing right now: The average person wears 4 pieces at a time.
  10. Leather reacts to its environment and is changing accordingly. In humid conditions for example, that we're experiencing here in Vietnam, it turns soft.


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