Cow Leather Daypack

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Cow Leather Daypack - for all purposes.

Bao and Tram have been busy over the last weeks, coming up with new designs for bags and backpacks. While most of the leather items at Da Bao are made of our signature enduring buffalo leather, which is very popular in Vietnam, this new backpack we're presenting you today is made of soft, squishy cow leather.

Daypack made of cow Leather - A classic, feminine style

Cow leather we use for smaller backpacks and bags, that should be easier to fold. In fact, many women handbags are made of cow leather. It gives the product a lighter look and is also lighter in weight, while being smooth and even in color.

Our latest backpack comes in a very dark shade of brown, with inner pockets to compartmentalize your small items, as well as two stylish outer pockets, highlighted by silver YKK zippers. The bright thread used for the stitching sets itself apart from the leather, giving the backpack a casual, sporty look.

This new cow leather backpack is perfect for a day around town. The straps are adjustable in lengths, which allows you to carry the backpack lower on your pack, or high up for more support. Useful for when filled with heavier items.

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