Personalised Toiletry Bags for Him and Her

Real Leather Hoi An - Da Bao Real Leather: Front view of brown buffalo leather toiletry bag with Da Bao logo.

Toiletry Bags are usually not an item we pay too much attention to.

As long as they are not too bulky, can be cleaned easily and hold our washing utensils - all is good. Most of us don’t want to invest much in a toiletry bag. With the effect that they also don't last long. Cheap materials, lasting stains and smells make for a high turnover.
On mine, the zipper was usually broken after a single holiday, or due to spilling lotions the fabric was so filthy I didn't want to touch it anymore.

And being outof my teenage years for a while now, it’s time for a solid, long lasting, and stylish grown-up toiletry bag. The older we become, the more we’re willing to invest in a few lasting items made of good quality. Good quality leather in this case. Ever owned a leather toiletry bag?

At Da Bao we have some beautiful, elegant bags in stock for you to check out.

Toiletry bags made from buffalo leather

They are smooth and soft, yet robust. Most importantly they stay in shape when put them down on the washing table. When they get squashed and squeezed in your backpack or travel bag, the wrinkles multiply over time, but with it the leather becomes even more special: keeping its elegant look, while taking on an antique style that’s unique to buffalo leather. Just make sure you clean stains right away with a slightly soapy water. Click here for more cleaning advice.

The inside of the bag is lined with 100% cashmere. The zippers are all sourced from YKK, which means they will don’t give you any trouble.

The spacious bag allows you to easily organize your lotions, cleaners or make up, offering an outer pocket for small items. The bag is loved by men and women alike.

And when designing the toiletry bag, Tram and Bao made sure to create something so stylish, it doubles as a purse.

Real Leather Hoi An - Da Bao Real Leather: Front view of brown toiletry bag showing Ykk zipper.

Toiletry Bags - Make them personal

If you’re looking for a special gift, we can even personalise the toiletry bag with a branded name of your loved one. Why not giving two branded bags away as a Wedding gift? And we've also learned that personalised toilety bags are even more popular as groomsmen’s gifts branded with everyone’s name. What a nice memory!

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