Small Backpacks

In our Hoi An Leather shops we meet travellers and tourists from all over the world. Many are looking for a small item to bring home as a gift, like a cardholder or wallet. But most of the customers would like to treat themselves with a special souvenir from Hoi An.

Taking advantage of the big selection of quality and 100% leather bags we have to a much lower price then they would get in the West.

Keep the Hoi An experience fresh

Owning and using a product from our holiday on a daily basis, helps us to keep the memory of that faraway place fresh, even when working away in a stuffy office.

Tram is always staying up to date on bag and backpack trends from Europe and the US, so chances are you find our own version of an Italian style bag in one of our leather boutiques. Examples for recent trends are our Messenger Bags and Messenger Backpacks, the Vintage style school backpacks and our latest addition, the thin and slick laptop sleeves.

As everyone needs a small backpack suitable to hold your items needed for the day, we’ll show you some of the most popular backpacks among our female customers. This time we've picked a few elegant backpacks for you, including two that are especially suited to hold even a bigger laptop while looking classy.

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