We’re studying English!

We’re very happy to let you in on our latest effort to improve the customer service at our Hoi An leather shops.

To provide a smooth shopping experience to our dear customers from all around the world, we have decided to work not only with our very own English teacher from the US, but also to use his modern English learning platform so our staff can practice their English skills wherever and whenever.

While we’re proud to say that many of our long standing shop assistants already speak a high level of English, some others have more room for improvement. Especially when it comes to pronunciation. And that’s ok. We all know how difficult English pronunciation is for Vietnamese native speakers. Have you ever tried to learn Vietnamese? Chapeau to those who can master its pronunciation!

So let us tell you a bit about our English learning platform that was especially created for our leather shop.

Our teacher has set up vocabulary, listening, speaking, grammar and pronunciation lessons for us, all bespoke for Da Bao, focusing on our needs as a leather shop. Which means, we’re increasing our vocabulary around leather products, leather quality, bags and backpacks, as well as sales vocabulary.

Furthermore, we’re also given the basics of English grammar and general Small Talk. We don’t only want our staff to learn leather related phrases, but want them to use English whenever they need it, so they can talk to all the international guests we welcome in Hoi An.

Through authentic audio recordings with native speakers from various countries we can listen to and repeat the words until we come close to the correct pronunciation. Believe us, some of the most important words for us are really hard to pronounce. Just ask a Vietnamese person to pronounce the word “backpacks”.

The platform is mobile friendly so we can use it at home on our laptops and on our mobile phones. Very handy indeed also for quiet times when our customers are cooling down at the pool.

It’s a fun site. We look forward to practicing our English skills with you when you visit us in one of our shops in Hoi An.

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