Crocodile Wallets

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Crocodile Wallet in brown color with spikes

If you're after a wallet that sticks out from the usual uniform looking crowd of leather wallets, we have that special something you. Our crocodile wallets are very popular among women who love to dress up. But also with folks who like to turn their casual look into fashion, with the use one unique accessory.

You don't have to hide the wallet in your bag. It's spacious enough to double as a purse. It does not only hold notes, coins and plenty of cards, but also a key and a phone. So you have all important items in one place. Nothing gets lost.

As you know, all products in our leather shops are handcrafted in Hoi An, and so is the crocodile wallet. The crocodile leather we source from the Mekong Delta. The patches of leather used are all unique in their look: Some show deeper carvings and higher spikes, while others are more smooth and even-looking.

If you like crocodile leather but don't need a wallet right now: Have a look at our crocodile leather leather belts They are the favourite product of our male Korean customers.

Is crocodile leather not really your cup of tea? Worry not. We also stock a variety of buffalo and cow leather wallets. And for the more practical thinking ones amongst you: super handy cardholders that fit easily in the pockets of the tightest jeans.

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