Small Travel Bag
Meet ‘The Weekender’

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Small travel bag for a weekend away. Made of natural brown buffalo leather. For men and women.

It doesn't happen often that we need to pack a big suitcase or backpack. Unfortunately we don't go on a longer holiday more often than maybe 2 times a year. If we're lucky. Most of our trips these days, especially when you live in Europe, only last a weekend or up to 4 days. Weekend trips are less expensive, we don't have to take long periods of time off work, and still, thanks to the vicinity of pulsating metropolitan cities and beach sites within Europe, we can have everything we need from a short vacation. Last but not least, low budget airlines paved the way for young people jet setting through Europe on Friday evenings.

So what we really need, is not a big suitcase, but a stylish small travel bag, a so called Weekender, or Overnight Bags, that offers enough space for our essentials. And, one that easily doubles as city bag for the shopping trip in Barcelona or Paris during our stay, or of course as gym bag at home.

The bigger sized leather duffel bags we have been selling at Da Bao Real Leather for a while now are very popular with our customers. But for smaller people and especially smaller women, the weight of this robust buffalo leather bag is not for everyone. They also hold more space than is needed for two days worth of clothing.

Have a look below at our new small travel bag designs. Let us know what you think of this size. We have a few color variations ready for you in our Old Town shops, but we will produce new designs as we go.

If you have a special color in mind for your new Weekender, let us know. As always, we make bespoke designs for no extra charge.

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