Unisex Multi-Color Messenger Backpack

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Multicolor Messenger Backpack. Light and dark brown, made of buffalo leather. Closing with a metal buckle and a zipper.

After the big success of our multi-colored messenger backpacks in blue and yellow, Tram has now designed a unisex version of these backpacks. The dark and light brown shades go very well together and are subtle enough to be styled with any outfit. These backpacks made of our robust buffalo leather are practical, hold a lot of space for a day trip or your laptop, and on top of that give a special touch to men and women's style.

The backpacks are available in two different sizes, have straps adjustable in length, an outer pocket for easy access, and an inner pocket for your most precious belongings. The inside of this stylish leather messenger backpack is lined with real smooth cashmere from Vietnam.

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