Hello Freedom! The Comeback of the Fanny Pack

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An: Red Gucci Waist Bag

Attention fellow travellers. Nothing is as annoying when exploring a new place carrying a bag with you that’s constantly sliding down your shoulder. Restricting your range of movement or keeping you from taking spontaneous pictures of the new surrounding.

Yes, there are backpacks but if you want to travel in style many of us prefer a bag.

Thanks to the revival of an bag that we all thought has seen its days freedom in movement has become an option again. Known under names such as fanny pack, bum bag or waist bag - the bag helps us to keep our belongings safe and our hands free.

From Cheap Neon to Designer Leather Bags

In the 80s the Fanny Pack was an important accessory for crazy and long nights out. Allowing you to dance like there was no tomorrow plus taking care of your belongings at the same time. But haven’t we all cringed at the glitter and neon colored versions when flipping through our photo albums from these distant days? Laughed about our weird looking fashion?

Fanny Packs of the 80s

Well, no one is laughing anymore: Fanny Packs are back in style since summer 2018, especially in the United States. Designers like Gucci and Marc Jacobs made the start, fashion retailers like Zara and H&M followed quickly.

Asked about the reasons for the fanny pack's comeback, body language expert Patti Wood explained it with these simple words: “...because it allows you to move, to a certain degree, like a man does.”

And can’t all we ladies agree with that?
However, the hip bag trend has taken also the male fashion world. Finally they can carry more things than a wallet while not compromising their style or range of movement.

Would you like to feel this freedom again? Leather Waist Bags at Da Bao are available in different leather types, styles and colors.
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