Colorful Duffle Bag

Da Bao - Leather Shop - Buffalo leather duffle bag with colorful stripes

After having designed a lot of duffle bags in shades of brown and classic black, Tram came up with some new, colorful and fun looks for the next generation of travel bags at Da Bao. It might be the crazy Tet atmosphere that makes her and Bao produce new bags in all colors under the rainbow, or just their general positive spirit.

Vintage Bag in a Stand-Out Design

This super robust stripy duffle bag won't only draw a lot of attention and gain admirers, but it'll complete an otherwise plain look. Suitable to be combined with casual and business outfits, this bag holds enough space for a proper 2-week long holiday. It's comfortable to carry, distributes the weight comfortably, and can be carries either by its handles or hung over the shoulder on a long leather strap that can be attached or taken off at will.

If you prefer a different pattern than the stripes, we also have this new duffle bag with squares in our Hoi An shops. What do you think? Come by and take a closer look.

Or you can browse through out bag gallery which features more one-color travel bags.

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