Big Suede Backpack for Work

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Big Suede Leather Backpack for weekend trips for work

This spacious backpack has a unique look and is very handy if you're off to travel or need to bring a bit more to the office than usually. This suede backpack in a bright shade of brown, camel, offers two big pockets for great compartmentalization. You can for example keep your gym kit and your laptop separate.

Additionally to the two big cases, this backpack has an easy access outer pocket, closed off with a zipper, as well as more small pockets at the inside.

As most of the Da Bao leather bags, the inside of the product is lined with super soft high-quality cashmere.

The oval shape allows for comfortable carrying despite the backpack's size and - depending on the content - its weight. The straps are adjustable in size, so no matter your figure and height, you can rest assured that this backpack can be worn with ease and style on your back.


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