Big size Leather Briefcase for Men

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leather Bags - Big Leather Briefcase with 2 compartments and outer pockets. Stylish vintage looking buffalo leather

Today we're showing you a Vintage style leather briefcase for the men amongst you that need a bit more space for to store laptop, folders, lunch and maybe a gym kit for after work.

This briefcase is made of 100% full grain buffalo leather which makes each an every bag unique. The little variations in color, small cuts and scratches in this high-quality hide make sure that each bag has an extraordinary look.

We're not going to lie, this bag is not too light in weight, but that makes it more durable, and the weight keeps the briefcase in its shape. It also helps to distribute the weight evenly, so optimal comfort, no batter if carried cross-body or over one shoulder.

The two big compartments, closing with a YKK zipper, give you options to compartmentalize your items: separating food or a gym kit for after the busy office day, from laptop or important documents.

The two small outer pockets close with a metal buckle, which emphasizes the heavy-duty look, and the inner pockets for notepad and pen complete the functionality of the briefcase.

This big size leather briefcase can be worn to any meeting, and looks good combined with a suit as well as with a Casual Friday outfit. Come by and have a look yourself. We find this briefcase very special.

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