Your leather bag got wet? Don’t panic!

Weather in South East Asia is at times unpredictable, and becomes more so around the world. If we’re leaving the house one sunny morning we’re not in a position to know 100% if it will be raining in the afternoon.

This makes it difficult to decide if to bring an umbrella or not, what outfit to wear and what bag or backpack to bring. People in rainy England surely know what I’m talking about. But sometimes we just have to gamble, as we want to use our precious leather bags, even when they might get wet.

For you to be ready if the rain catches you off guard we tell you how best to treat your leather bag once it got wet.

Wet leather bag - What you can do now

  1. Dry it. No, please don’t use a heater or blow dryer to speed up the process. Pad of excessive water from your bag or backpack and leave it to dry naturally for a bit to the point that the bag is still damp. Then, look for some old newspaper and stuff it out. Really fill it up, so it will keep in shape.
  2. Condition. When the leather bag is still slightly damp, apply a generous layer of leather conditioner and give it a good massage. This way the conditioner has a chance to penetrate the leather fully, giving back natural oils the leather has lost through the rain. If you see an especially dry spot, apply an extra portion of the conditioner.
  3. Protect it. Be ready for next time. You can easily find water repellents for leather products in leather shops or online. Apply this once your bag has fully dried to be ready for the next sudden downpour.


Thankfully we in Vietnam have left the rainy season behind us for the next months, so it’s the perfect time to take your leather bags out for a walk. Or if you could do with a fresh new design - have a look through the latest bag and backpack models at our leather shops in Hoi An that Tram was busy creating.

If you're really scared of your leather bag getting rained on, some designers are already creating stylish bag rain coats, or handbag covers 🙂 Have a look!


Photocredit: Matteo Catanese
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