Leather handbags as Tết gift

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Timeless brown leather handbag with buckle. Made of 100% buffalo leather.

With Tết the Vietnamese New Year just around the corner, as well as Valentine's Day for our western customers, we would love to introduce you to a few of our leather handbag models. Old customer favourites and new designs, Tram has been busy creating. Because we thought you might still look for a special and lasting gift for a loved one.

Our handbags and purses are popular with our young and older audience as their style ranged from the used look vintage style, over classics, to festive looking handbags to go with a lady's sequence dress.

Investing in a small selection of handbags of different styles,we can dress your outfits up or down as needed, which helps us to save a lot of money that we'd otherwise spend on new clothes.

Click through the gallery below for a taste of the handbag looks, but rest assured we have more in stock for you in our Hoi An leather shops.   We'll be even open during Tết for last minute gifts.

If clutch bags are what you're looking for, click here for a small selection. More to be found in our Hoi An bag shops. Our staff was certified with 'excellent' by over 200 customers on Tripadvisor. So we're confident we can help you as well.

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