Let’s get festive – Clutch bags for your Christmas Parties (and after)

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An: Vintage style clutch bag in olive green, made of 100% buffalo leather.

The Holiday season has officially started, company Christmas parties are well under way and maybe even a new festive outfit is on its way to you. After all, Christmas is the time of year when we love to spoil ourselves with a new dress or elegant top to wear at the many outings with friends and family. For which - of course - a bag can't be missing.

Clutch bags are stylish and easy to combine: No matter if you're wrapping yourself in a classic black dress, or jeans and top: Clutch bags immediately dress up - or down - whatever clothes you're wearing for the night.

While many of us try to buy less but better quality to save money long term, and reduce waste, high quality and durable leather clutch bags are the way to go. You can chose between elegant, timeless or Vintage, for your unique style and occasion.

We at Da Bao have put together our favourites making you shine not just at your Christmas Party, but on your many nights out in town.

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