Leather Cardholder – Slim, sporty and durable

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leather Wallets: Handy cardholder in vintage style, for men and women

Many of us, no matter if male or female, love the freedom of not carrying any bag with us. Being able to stuff everything we need into our pockets. That means, big, bulky wallets don't make the cut, and money is loosely pushed into the narrow back or front pockets of our jeans. Taking the risk that with everything else we stuff in there and pull it out, we send our money flying as well.

If you're a runner - even more reason to possess slim wallets or cardholders, being able to get some breakfast rolls on your way home, but still being able to run without a hip bag, enjoying that ultimate freedom.

So small, slim cardholders are the future. Not only for men, who traditionally don't carry small handbags and were therefore always restricted in wallet space, but also for the modern woman going out handbag-free.

On Etsy and various arts & crafts websites you can find a lot of cardholder variations made of recycled materials or soft fabric. If you prefer a more classic looking cardholder that still is light in weight, flat and especially durable and robust to last foe a long time, a leather cardholder is the right choice for you.

Made of strong buffalo leather, the cardholder ages beautifully, taking that sought after Vintage look. Take make it last without stains for a lifetime, check out also our tips on how to take care of real leather.

Browse through our leather cardholders below or come visit us in one of our shops for more colorful options.

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