How to pack your backpack for a day around Hoi An

When I’m new in a [;ace the biggest fun for me is to grab a small backpack, put on my walking shoes, and spend my days walking around town. Without a plan or preset itinerary, discovering alleyways around town, getting to know the people, culture, and the food. Hoi An is the ideal place to do just that, as it’s safe, people are extremely welcoming and friendly and the town is small enough to walk around, and big enough to get to know different aspects of the country:

The manic traffic at rush hour, that makes you jump to safety, boutique shops selling local arts and crafts or leather backpacks and bags made in Vietnam, the beautiful beach, but also the rice fields spotted with Vietnamese hats from the field workers, planting or harvesting the crop. And not to forget the water buffaloes chilling on the grass.

But when you’re new to a country or town, you don’t really know yet what you will need during your day out. The weather in this hemisphere is quite unpredictable. So a bit of planning ahead can save you trouble later on, as well as money, plus leaves all opportunities open for your day.

So we have put together a little guide on how to pack your backpack for your day around Hoi An with 4 crucial items.

1. Raincoat

Depending on the season you want to bring a light, long raincoat. It won’t take up much space in your backpack and you’re prepared for all eventualities.
During monsoon season (in Hoi An this is from October to February), you’ll see sudden downpours that can otherwise leave you soaked. But fear not, the local style raincoats cover you from head to toe, so you can simply continue your stroll when other tourists need to hide out indoors.

2. Small notes for spontaneous street food joy

Hide some small Vietnamese Dong notes (10.000s and 20.000s) in the outer pocket of your backpack, that you can easily pull out when your nose has caught one of the delicious smells of the Vietnamese snacks like coconut cake, sweet sesame soup or Banh My. The vendors are usually in a hurry so having small notes handy helps to blend in.

3. Refillable water bottle

Water bottles in Vietnam are mainly made of single-use plastic. The country is drowning in plastic, and most of it ends up as landfill and in the ocean. So as a tourist, try to reduce your environmental footprint by always carrying a refillable bottle with you. Thanks to a new initiative called RefillMyBottle, cafes and shops in Hoi An offer for free refills. Some ask for a small amount for money in return.
Click here for more information.

4. Saron
Doesn’t weigh anything and you’re ready to lie down in the sand if you’re walk is bringing you all the way to the beach. After all it’s only half an hour walk from old town (or a short taxi ride :))


Hoi An Real Leather - Leather Bags in Hoi An - Brown Leather Backpack
Vintage style leather backpack – Perfect size for a day out in town.


Backpack, messenger or cross-body bag – We’ve got you covered

Now, enjoy your trip and if you just realized you still need an actual backpack or a cross-body bag to comfortably carry around town, make your first step our leather shop in Hoi An. You can find us at 8 locations around old town, so we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for.

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