Colorful handbags with an artistic touch

You might have noticed that the majority of our bags and backpacks are one-color leather backpacks and minimalist leather bags. It's just recently that we've introduced more colorful and multi-colored backpacks into our product range, like the blue-brown backpack made of suede leather.

While we love our simplistic bags with subtle decoration, that fit to every style and outfit, sometimes we're all just looking for a bit more fun and popping accessory. Am I right?

So we're introducing our patchwork and woven handbags to the blog, some of our long-term favorites in the shop, that we thought you might like as well.

The Woven Bag

You can see a lot of different weaving techniques on leather handbags out there, and let us tell you, it can get really crazy and detailed. Our woven bag in the picture below actual follows the most basic weaving technique, while not missing out of that signature check effect.
And it's surprisingly easy to do, if you're into leather craftsmanship yourself. If you want to learn more about the technique, here are some easy-to-follow instructions by Florine Leather and Style on weaving leather.

You can use as many colors for the leather strips as you like. But we usually reserve one main color for each handbag (red in the example below) and weave some strips in different colors vertically into the bag. This way you can see just a few squares in popping yellow standing out from the red background, while keeping the weaving pattern still visible.

The Patchwork Bag

Another classic artistic bag is the patchwork bag that has been around for many, many years. Due to the recent Vintage craze it has become more popular again over the last years. It's an even simpler technique to apply  than the weaving but with a huge effect. If you like a more casual, or messy - for lack of a better word - pattern, then you should take a closer look at the brown patchwork tote bag below.

Patchwork bags is the name for a whole variety of patchwork styles and techniques. The handbags at Da Bao are created by sewing irregular sized and colorful leather patches onto a one-colored hide. A simple but effective way to turn a one-colored hide into a real Vintage eye-catcher. For all DIY craftswomen and men out there: This is a nice and easy way to give an old worn down or boring leather bag a makeover.

It's good to have one or two colorful bags in your closet for the days when you're dressed all black or in denim. Especially combined with such an one-colored outfit these artistic handbags can really shine.

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