The Tote Bag –
A short history of one of the most popular bags of all times

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An: Dark green Tote Leather Bag for Women in washed-out look

About 10 years ago the Tote Bag has seen a huge revival. If you happened you live in one of the European metropolitans you would see hardly a person go by who wasn't proudly carrying around a version of the Tote. Many made of cheap canvas, some with, some without prints.

While the Tote Bag in all its varieties has always been popular with women, it’s safe to say, that the years around 2008 have marked the arrival of a new era for the Tote Bag, turning it into a bag for everyone, no matter the their style.

So it’s worth taking a quick look behind the scenes, as this popular bag has been around for a while. Its origin however has stayed obscure to most of us.

It all started with the Ice Bag

First of all, the word ‘Tote’ goes back to the 17th century and means nothing else than ‘to carry’. L.L. Bean was the brand to introduce the bucket bag in 1944, commonly known as ‘Ice Bag’, made of strong canvas. It was designed to fulfill its very own purpose: to carry chunks of ice from the ice truck to the house.

In 1960, the Ice Bag was reintroduced as a slightly amended version, and from that point onward promoted under the name Tote Bag. Similar in look and spaciousness to the ice bag, but higher and slimmer in design.

As versatile as a bag can be

Due to its vast space, the Tote Bag serves as shopping bag, beach bag, purse, college bag and travel bag alike. It never fails to fulfill the purpose, which mainly is to bring a lot of things along.

Allowing you to just pop everything into the bag at random. While this sounds like a big plus, I'm sure every Tote carrier has been in the situation to hold up the supermarket line as the wallet couldn't be found.
Due to the immense variety of Tote Bags these days, they give us the opportunity to down-dress or up-dress, expanding your fashion style to unlimited spheres.

L.L.Bean, Ice Bag

Leather Tote Bags – Lasting for Life

Tote Bags are available in all styles, fabrics, and price classes, ranging from 2$ shopping Totes made of cheap canvas, to more solid canvas bags with original prints (popular in souvenir shops these days), over Leather Vintage Totes to luxurious shiny Leather Tote Bags.

Take your pick from our Leather Tote Bags at Da Bao! We also make bespoke designs for your individual style.


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