Real Leather or Fake?
Find out with our simple real leather test

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An: Big Leather Duffel Bag

Not knowing how to differential real leather from fake leather puts you in a dilemma. You need to trust the sales person. The person - no offence - who is the least likely to tell you the truth. Artificial leather, made of polyurethane plastic, has become so real-looking over time that it’s hard to differentiate from real animal skin just by looking at it.

Perform this Real Leather Test:

What many people don’t know, it’s easy to find out for yourself if the leather bag you’re about to buy is made of real leather skin, or fault leather. Read our 6 tricks how to test the leather bag, and you will never pay too much for a faux leather bag again.

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather Hoi An: Light-brown real leather backpack

1. Look for imperfections

No two real leather bags look exactly the same. Each patch of real leather, like our skin, is unique, has wrinkles, darker and brighter spots and pores. While manufacturers have improved the look of faux leather, you will notice that each fake leather bag will look the same.

2. Check the edges

Real leather is made of several layers that fray around the edges. Fake leather is cut by machines, so you’ll see smooth clean-cut edges.

3. Smell it

Real leather has a natural smell to it, which can be really strong. Fake leather smells like chemicals, in some cases similar to plastic.

4. Use fire

Probably the safest bet to find out if you’re dealing with real or faux leather. But also the trickiest one to perform in a shop: Having said that, if the sales person is confident in offering you real leather products, she or he will not mind you doing your little fire test. Hold a lighter close to the leather. Real leather will barely react to it, beside becoming a bit darker where the flame touched the skin. If the product is made of plastic it will catch fire and smell like burned plastic.

5. Bend it

Real leather will react by wrinkling up. Fake leather won’t change at all, looking the same once released back to its natural shape.

6. Use water

Drop a small amount of water on the bag. Real leather skin will absorb water within a few seconds. However, the water will puddle up on fake leather.

You can be sure the leather bags at Da Bao Real Leather are made of 100% real leather. Take a look at our gallery or come by our shop in Hoi An.

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