English Workshop
A morning full of laughter and motivation

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: English workshop with our teacher.

Last week our English teacher came back to Da Bao to check on our progress. After having studied hard with our Happy English learning platform for over 3 months now, Mr T and Ms Tram arranged this workshop to answer any questions we might have, to keep motivation up, and to test our new English skills.

The topics of the class were about welcoming customers, and some simple phrases that help us to get to know our customers better and to offer our service.

Some of us had to start almost from zero with their English skills in February, which was and still is quite a challenge, so we were a bit nervous to meet our teacher again. Ms Uyen came along as a translator which was a great help for both sides.

Thanks to listening and practicing with the platform's audio recordings, we indeed were able to improve our pronunciation. Plus, we get to practice with our dear customers in the shop every day. This is where we can really test, if our pronunciation is correct 🙂

Mr T played some fun games with us, in which he challenged us quite a bit to get out of our comfort zone, to speak up, gain self-confidence, and of course, not to forget the 's' at the end of the words. We moved on to some role playing games, practicing with each other under the observing and listening eye of Mr T. He also recorded our small talk skills on video, and gave each one of us feedback individually about our English skills, but also about our body language (which often speaks louder than words), telling us what to work on until the next workshop.

Our team had a lot of fun, and our boss, Ms Tram, too. I think Mr T was quite pleased with us. We already look forward to the next workshop. Until then, test us when you come by. But don't be too strict with us, some of us just started off with English 🙂

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