10 Leather Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole Family

Hoi An Real Leather - Da Bao Real Leather: Leather Bags - Turquoise mini handbag.

It is this time of year again! It's cold outside, the days have become shorter, and soon the Christmas Markets will open. Providing long yearned for mulled wine to our freezing bodies.

Many people do enjoy Christmas time, but could well do without the stress. Unfortunately stress is attached to this period of time in our Western world for many of us, as tradition commands an exchange of Chritsmas gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, depending where you live. While this has nothing to do with the Christian origin of Christmas, most people enjoy the gathering and excitement that comes with giving and receiving gifts to and from loved ones.

To take away some of the hassle that comes with looking for the perfect gifts, we put together some of our customers' favourite leather items that we're sure would make your family happy. Be assured, that all our products are made of 100% real cow or buffalo leather, lined with Vietnamese silk, and produced in our Hoi An factory with highest precision and care.


Gifts for your Father

Gifts for your Mother

Gifts for your Sister

Gifts for your Brother

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